Precision Machining– Newland Associates provides a variety of CNC machining services from prototypes, precision jobbing or mass production we have a comprehensive range of machine tools from 2 axis turning centres up to 9 axis multi tasking centres. All our CNC’s are regularly ball bar tested to ensure their accuracy is maintained.

Horizontal Machine Centres – These machines deliver very high machine operating capacity due to Automatic Pallet Changer and other automation devices and extensibility for unmanned systems. It is perfect for high-efficiency mass production and extended unmanned operation.

Horizontal Turning Centres – Better precision and rigidity, greater multi-axis compatibility, and smaller footprints. Newland Associates CNC lathe line up boast solid results and state-of-the-art technology. These machines have a wide range of sizes, centre distances, and specification variations, making them ideal for a large range of turned components.

Drilling Rig & Component Overhaul – The mechanical department deliver quality rebuilds and reconditioning of hydraulic cylinders and mechanical components as well as specialising in the refurbishment of underground diamond drill rigs and power packs.

EDM Wirecut – For high accuracy cutting of a variety of materials ranging from copper to tungsten, this machine has 5 axis of movement and is equipped with an automatic wire threading system for continuous unmanned operation.

Specialised Fabrication – We provide specialised fabrication services for jobbing and production runs of small to medium sized components and works to close tolerances with assistance of high accuracy jigging tables and fixtures. We can fabricate a wide range of materials including steel, aluminium, stainless and titanium. We also provide in house sand blasting and painting services.

Vertical Machining Centres – The vertical machining centers come with a full complement of advanced functions for all production needs. With high machining precision and outstanding setup, it can easily machine everything from dies and molds to precision parts

Multi-Tasking Centres – The ultimate integrated mill turn center surpasses the individual machining abilities of machining centers and CNC lathes. It offers increased productivity and superior process integration, thanks to its cutting-edge technology

Diamond Drilling Equipment – We offer a comprehensive range of Diamond Drilling Equipment and Spare Parts such as Cases, Lifters, Inner and Outer Tubes, Locking & Adaptor Couplings, Backend Spare Parts, Overshot Spare Parts, Subs, Water Swivels, Casing Cutters, Inner & Outer Tube Wrenches, Solid Grip Wrenches and much more.