The Solid Grip Wrench design enables positive grip to various sizes of round pipe. The Solid Grip Wrench is a pipe wrench with circular jaws that tightens as pressure on the handle is increased. The semi circular jaws and positioning of the tungsten inserts ensure that pipe damage does not occur, if the Solid Grip Wrench is correctly operated. The Solid Grip Wrench has tungsten carbide serrated jaw surfaces to grip drill pipe and tube.

The stationary and swing jaws are positioned around the pipe and as pressure is increased on the long lightweight Aircraft Grade Aluminium handle the jaw grip on the pipe is increased.

The Solid Grip Wrench also features the unique “jarring” action for joints which have ‘torqued’. The inclusion of the adjustable spring loaded ball detent allows the operator to readily undo most joints.The Swing Jaw and Stationary Jaws are readily interchangeable for various pipe sizes. The Lightweight Aircraft Grade Aluminium handle is brightly powder coated for visibility and provides a smooth surface for operator handling.



Newland Associates provides a comprehensive rebuild service and specialise in the overhaul of underground diamond drill rigs. With a large range of service exchange and spare parts available ex-stock and the back up of our precision machine shop, fab shop and hydraulic shop as well as blasting, painting and powder coating. Newland Associates can recondition your diamond drilling equipment to near new condition.